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Manual Transmission, How it works ?

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Working of a Manual transmission is explained in an illustrative and logical manner in this video with the help of animation. Here the working of Sliding mesh and synchromesh transmissions are well illustrated. This video also explains the working of a reverse gear.

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Helical Gear Box, Helical Gear Reducer, Helical Reduction Gearbox

Agnee Transmissions (India) Pvt. Ltd.-Manufacturer of Helical Gearbox, Helical Speed Reducer, Helical Gear Box, Industrial Helical Gearbox for conveyors, crushers, mixers, thermal power plants. We manufactures Helical Gearboxes for sugar, chemical, steel, power plants, pharmaceutical industries.

Agnee Helical Gearboxes Technical Features:
• Unit Sizes: 80, 90, 100, 112, 125, 140, 160, 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630
• Transmission ratio: 1.2 - 637
• Input Power: 0.61 KW to 5,000 kW
• Torque: Up to 117,000 Nm

Contact us for our Dealer Network of Helical Gearbox across india and abroad on above mentioned email ids or on our website you may submit a RFQ. We usually respond within two business days. If you find any difficulty locating us you may contact us on above Phone no. and Fax.

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Head Office / Factory :
M/s Agnee Transmissions (I) Pvt. Ltd.
F-557, IPI Area, Road No. 6, Kota-324005, Rajasthan, India
Phone: 07442363799 , Fax: 2360835

Kota Office :

For Delhi, Haryana :

For Bhilai,Raipur (Chhatisgarh), Indore, Madhya Pradesh (MP), Orissa, Kolkata

Kanpur(U.P.) / Bihar

Nagpur / Maharashtra / Andhra Pradesh(AP) / Tamilnadu / Karnataka / Goa

Our Dealer Network is spread all over india which includes Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), Chennai (Tamilnadu), Cochin (Kerala), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Jodhpur (Raj) and Other Cities

If you are looking anything of below services, we may be a better choice.

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We also manufacturers following quality products:

• Worm Reduction Gearbox

• Worm Gearbox

• Crane Duty Helical Gear Boxes

• Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers (SMSR)

• Planetary Gearboxes

• Bevel-Planetary Gearbox

• Bevel Helical Geared Motor (AK Series)

• Parallel Shaft Helical Geared Motor (AF Series)

• Inline Helical Geared Motor (AM Series)

• Planetary Geared Motors

• Centrifugal Drive

• Slew Drive, Track Drive, Wheel Drive

• Custom Build Gears \u0026 Gearboxes

Understanding PLANETARY GEAR set !

The planetary gear set, also known as the epicyclic gear train, is one of the most important and interesting inventions in engineering. They are great speed variation mechanisms, and are often used in automobiles as a vital part of automatic transmissions. We will explore the secrets of the planetary gear set in this video.

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