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London Bookshop Tour

We went on a three day bookshop tour in London - mostly in central London, with Picadilly, Covent Garden, Kings Cross and Bloomsbury as well as around Waterloo and St Pauls Cathedral.

For full details of each shop and the route taken check out here:

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Mary Whitney : Hey amazing channel and videos, I love them. Please sub back if you like my videos, it would mean a lot if you did. I'm an avid reader too and an author. :)
Relax Chill : Great vid!
Maoist 787 : That was amazing thank you so much ❤
Galactic Reads : This is the best kind of book porn there is
Dechen Yangzom : The most exhaustive London Bookshops vlog...Thanks a mil!

Best Bookshops in London

wowowowow yes hunnies I hope this was worth the wait!
Here's nice list of (mostly) independent bookshops in west London that I really really love. I can for sure do one on a different part of London so if that would float your boat let me know!

Daunt Books, 83-84 Marylebone High Street,
London W1U 4QW :

Books for Cooks, 4 Blenheim Cres, Notting Hill, London W11 1NN:

The Notting Hill Book Shop, 13 Blenheim Cres, Notting Hill, London W11 2EE:

Lutyens and Rubinstein, 21 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 2EU:

Walther Koenig Books, The Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA:

John Sandoe Books, 10 Blacklands Terrace, Chelsea, London SW3 2SR:

Notting Hill, 1999 (film trailer):





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Outro Music:
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Anak Udang : Oh my god !
Agathe Urb : Do we all agree that bookshops are paradise on earth ?
Normal Alice : now I’m even more sadder bc I live in germany :(
Rahul Rajan : ❤
Sapioartist t : 8:21 (right )There is a book about Turkish culture! I’m Turkish then thats so big suprise for mee

Bookstore & Coffee Shop Ambience - Bookstore Sounds, Cafe ASMR, Jazz Music, Bookshop Ambience

► Welcome to our bookstore \u0026 cafe where you can purchase a book, order coffee, enjoy your coffee while reading your new favorite book. Imagine you are in this cozy bookshop where you can spend all day browse new books, drink your coffee, escape from a busy world. We created the Bookstore \u0026 Coffee Shop Ambience which you can hear the background sounds of a bookstore, coffee shop sounds, and relaxing jazz music. This video is ideal for listening while study, work, and relaxation.

► All Right Reserved as all the footages in this video are the complete original production of Candy Music Room Channel. They are under copyrighted protection.
All the background photos in this video are the photos that we took from the exist place. They are complete production of Candy Music Room.

All music were used with proper license and permission of the original creators.

© Credits
Intro Video by Ryuta Shikibu from Pixabay
Kyle Sikkenga : Seems like only a hour ago...
Jennifer Hyde : So great-totally lifted my spirits! A big TY!!!
Kevin Lustgarten :
The Rosey Bunny : This is beautiful! Is it by chance a real bookstore? If so, I would absolutely love to go there when the pandemic ends. For now, this will have to do I love the music, thank you! The added turning of the pages is a nice touch :)
KPepper L : I remember spending hours at bookstores when I was in college..




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