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Jacob Mann Big Band - Kogi

Full EP - https://jacobmann.bandcamp.com/album/greatest-hits-volume-1
To purchase sheet music, email jacobmannmusic@gmail.com
A cool shirt: https://teespring.com/laying-back

Alekos Syropoulos - Alto Saxophone
Max Bryk - Alto Saxophone
Amber Navran - Tenor Saxophone
Stephen Taylor - Tenor Saxophone
Tim McKay - Baritone Saxophone
Mitchell Cooper - Trumpet
Gabe Martin - Trumpet
J.J. Kirkpatrick - Trumpet
Andris Mattson - Trumpet
Jon Hatamiya - Trombone (solo)
Jonah Levine - Trombone
Sean Shackelford - Trombone
Jake Kraft - Bass Trombone
Colin Cook - Guitar
Jacob Mann - Piano
Brian Ward - Bass
Louis Cole - Drums

Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Jacob Mann
Recorded by Ryan Stewart and Keith Munson at East West Studios
Mixed by Brian Ward
Mastered by Ryan Stewart
Filmed by Dario Griffin
Five o'clock somewhere : Who is the sax player in Clown Core?
evakuator : Reminds me of march of the dreadnoughts from Final Fantasy
SugaBebop : This stuff right here......deserves way more attention.
Atis Andersons : Probably the best changes I've ever heard
Kyle Young Music : Subbed fam
Bruin Doc : What a beautiful tune, and killer trombone solo! Must-buy piece of music!
Juan Pablo Perez : Increible musica. Aplausos desde Argentina
Evan Williams : Jon taught my school combo for a while. He's such a great player!
Gehteuch Nixan : too. good. can't it out of my head, so I bought it on his bandcamp and so should you
Wireless router pin 93070171 : Yersef, darkin choy, inseufyon fokken brie.

KOGI - GOTHBOY (Official Visualizer)

Primeira faixa da mixtape "CYBERWRLD"
prod @thefrankstein

Ouça no SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thefrankstein/gothboy-prod-thefrankstein


all my diamonds ice
to ca minha kunai
acende esse pipe
de role de bike
coleira de spike
fucking gothstar bitch
vinhão na bag
to sempre sad

black jeans
white bitch
purple wine
black bitch
odeio nike e uisque
tomo catu com essa bitch
overdose antes dos 20
corrente no kit
de role com o pit
do LoL eu do quit
melodia synth
na parede 666
não sinto nada
tanto soco na cara
tipo saco de pancada
levei tanta porrada
nessa vida desgraçada
eu to sem saco pra nada

all my diamonds ice
to ca minha kunai
acende esse pipe
de role de bike
colera de spike
fucking gothstar bitch
vinhão na bag
to sempre sad

todo dia essas drugs
acende e bota um plug
on drugs like yung thug
surtando como um colado
mano cê tá perturbado
doente não só no nome
como tá é comprovado
mano cê tá todo errado
parece sempre chapado
mano tu colou dropado
meu peito ta machucado
porra eu fiquei cansado
jean passa a blunt
hoje tem do skunk

all my diamonds ice
to ca minha kunai
acende esse pipe
de role de bike
colera de spike
fucking gothstar bitch
vinhão na bag
to sempre sad

Kogi : Gostou das minhas tracks? Me acompanha no soundcloud se quiser, seria uma honra ter alguns ouvintes por lá.
Toni Māku : Brabo
TLOG The Lords Of Garbage : WoW Nice song man
Anne Anne : Muito foda, amei
Camilly Santos : Aaahh eu ameiii❤
lily Alvarengá : Tá bom prakralho
Biridiana Montiel :
banana nanica : æ papae q track perfeita❤️
GABRIEL MAIA : Boto fé ein bichim
ごみR U B B I S H : Muito foda isso mano


Aluna means "conscience ". Enter the last theocratic chiefdom in America, hidden for centuries on a mountain in Colombia. The Kogi have made this amazing documentary to help us understand how to avoid the destruction of the world that they are trying to protect, and of ourselves.
Christiane Stelter : It man es me sad- watching our world Wide Situation-, and at the same time I am fascinated and deeply impressed by these people with all their love, wisdom and natural knowledge
Richard Carew : our Universe is the very definition of the word eternal
Raguel Beaudoin.ripley : Dios.greotodo.nodeben.andar.haciendo.danoal.naturaleza.opagaran.carro.ianimales.aguien.elgreo
Raguel Beaudoin.ripley : Personas.sabias..ihumildes
Raguel Beaudoin.ripley : Bueno.cuidarlosrios.isgood.takere.rivers.they.arehunblehas.cklollge.. muchorespeto.alanaturalesa..pranuebasgeneraciones.nopersonas.anbiciosagueleroban.alsnaturalesa
Liuba Petcu : MINUNAT!
mulher guerreira : pena que é inglês não entendo nada tinha que ter legenda português
Aurora Santos : Gotavva de ver em Portugues
Sharon Sheehy : We re blessed with their knowledge
I AM THAT I AM : Why do you think white man enslaved and murdered every indigenous race, because they fear them.




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